Aiming to modernize research methods and data science with a focus on those studying people and societies, the Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) is a well known global RMDS community for innovative researchers and data scientists.

The Association serves all researchers and data scientists who are interested in next-generation research computing tools (which include AI augmentation).

The association aims to empower researchers, data scientists, and analysts with the unique RM4E framework that RMDS Lab specially developed for the new era of AI.

The association has an online forum with more than 32,000 participants to discuss research methodology, data science, and RMDS innovations, which include the RM4Es and ResearchMaps. It also has a local RMDS community in Pasadena/Glendale area of California, where regular face to face meetups occur once a month.

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The Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science helps researchers and data scientists worldwide to excel in a new era of big data and cognitive computing. It also empowers its members with certificate training that focuses on turning data into value as well as business opportunities. Please come be a part of our global ecosystem and help the community grow in strength and collaboration.