The GRMDS Insights/Outputs

GRMDS provides a page for researchers to exchange insights and outputs as essential parts of projects. It increases the impact of each project since the spread of projects’ insights is most valuable. Communicating with each other, researchers may obtain other professionals’ opinions and modify approaches in order to conduct more meaningful conclusions in the future.


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Insights/Outputs First Name Authored on Insight/Output Type Likes
Artificial Intelligence as an Instrument for Social Justice Jaden Yocom 2019-08-14 Prediction 260
Linear Regression Process for PUMS Data PowerPoint Alicia Wei 2019-08-19 Trend 300
Random Forest Walkthrough Alicia Wei 2019-08-19 Prediction 200
Time Series Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages Alicia Wei 2019-08-18 Trend 280