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Course Image Spatial Data Analysis

This course is to provide learners with a general idea of what spatial analysis is. This includes some basic concepts in geography, maps, and spatial visualization. This course will also cover  a case study to get learners some hands-on experience of doing spatial analysis and with the hope that learners can apply such experience to their future study and work.

Course Image Tutorial Course to Boost Moodle Development

This course is for the course instructors to learn how to use the moodle system to create their own course. 

Course Image Business Analytics

This course is aiming to introduce the tools used for analytics. It will mostly focus on telling the theorem of common machine learning models with application in real cases. The language being displayed in the course is R but the same idea applied in other languages such as Python and Java.

Course Image China Data Analysis

This course prepares students to gather, describe, and analyze CDI data. Data visualization is an essential skill required in today's data-driven world. Practitioners in almost every field use visualization to explore and present data. In this class, we will also introduce and practice visualization analysis by using R studio.

Course Image Regression Analysis in RM4E Framework

This course is a practical regression analysis course based on a data analytic workflow RM4E, that is, equation, estimation, evaluation and explanation(Execution).

Course Image Big Data and AI to Improve Competency and Employability

This popular course covers the basic knowledge of big data and AI, including its history and future trends. With successful use cases and application examples, it also discusses AI's impacts on our life and work. Then, a framework and some tools will be introduced to assess AI maturity, with a roadmap to follow for learners to improve competency and employability in the future.

Course Image Neural Network

This course is to introduce you with the basics of neural network. You can learn the essential concepts underlying neural network and have a command of how to apply the algorithms in the real-world scenarios. 

Course Image Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Students will explore a multitude of ethical dimensions to artificial intelligence and complete a capstone project for publication through RMDS. The course is split into three key components:

  1. An exploration of the ethics of AI development

  2. A section dedicated entirely to learning about bias in programming and AI

  3. A critical examination of key social and legal questions to AI.

Course Image Event Resources

Here you will get access to our updated event resources shared by our data scientists. Get closely connected with the latest data science applications around the world. 

Course Image Introduction to RM4E analytic workflow

Analytical workflows, based on the concepts of RM4E and ResearchMap, increase accessibility and reproducibility of analytics and machine learning projects. This course covers the concept and application of analytical workflows as well as walking through the implementation. 

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