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Day 1: October 27, 2021


Programmatic Weakly Supervised Labelling of Heterogeneous Data


Jason Meil – Chief Data Scientist, SAIC

Automated and Interactive Model Screening to Identify the Champion Model

Chong Ho Yu – Professor, Azusa Pacific University

Building a Solid Data Foundation for AI and ML through DataOps

Noel Gomez – Co-Founder, Ninecoves


Keynote: Accelerating Data & AI Transformation

Dr. Inderpal Bhandari – Global Chief Data Officer, IBM

Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery on Earth, Mars and Beyond

Umaa Rebbapragada – Research Technologist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Meet the Expert: Restaurant Analytics

Cesar Shih - Franchisee, Habit Burger 


Leveraging Mobile Data and Machine Learning to Enhance a 360-Degree View of the Customer


Richard Fox – Former Vice President, Head of Analytics, Qdoba Restaurants

Q3 RMDS Data Science Competition Award Ceremony with Winners and Contestants



Day 2: October 28, 2021


How AI Can Change the Ways We Learn

David Guralnick – President and CEO, Kaleidoscope Learning

Protecting Survey Data on a Consumer Level

Matthew Schneider – Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Privacy, Drexel University

Testing for Outliers with Conformal P-values

Matteo Sesia – Assistant Professor of Data Sciences and Operations, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles


Keynote: Visual Programming for Data Science

Michael Berthold – CEO, KNIME and Professor, University of Konstanz

Panel: Assessing Impacts With Data Science and Machine Learning

Dr. Mo Chen - Evaluation Consultant, RMDS Lab

Panel: Upskilling Data Scientist

Panelists: Dr. Sijun Wang - Professor of LMU; Joy Zhao - Data Science Career Coach; Hamit Hamutcu - Co-founder of IADSS and Yusen Miao - PI Student


Bridging the Gap with AI & BI Using a Semantic Layer

Daniel Gray - VP of Solutions Engineering at ATSCALE

Affordable AI to Empower Small Businesses

Dr. Alex Liu - Founder of RMDS Lab and Former Chief Data Scientist of IBM