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RMDS is a global leader in developing ecosystems for artificial intelligence and big data. RMDS offers ecosystem services and specializes in developing innovative applications in data science and artificial intelligence and accomplishes this in a number of ways, ranging from private consultations to practical training courses to hosting the most revolutionary technological conferences in Southern California.

RMDS has been successfully organizing data science events for over half a decade. With speakers from many of the world’s top companies and institutions such as NASA/JPL, Disney, USC, and CalTech. In the past, RMDS sponsored and helped to organize Health Data 2017. Currently, RMDS is a Certified Partner of Data Con LA 2019, one of the largest data events in California. RMDS also hosts monthly events and has developed a local following of over 1,200 in the LA area.

Under the guiding hand of Dr. Alex Liu, a well-known pioneer of AI ecosystems and a data science thought leader certified by IBM and OpenGroup, RMDS has experienced rapid growth in recent years, to the point that the RMDS global network has more than 32,000 participants. Most of the members of this network are passionate industry professionals or highly dedicated students, which is why many companies reach out for recruiting services. The upcoming RMDS Annual Conference is expected to have a significant turnout of these types of individuals.

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