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Ask the Expert Live: AI, Ethics and How It Impacts You

Monday, May 24th, 2021, 5:00 - 5:45pm PDT

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Webinar Overview:

You are invited to join RMDS’ first Ask The Expert Live virtual event featuring our expert guest Merve Hickok, founder of AIethicist and Data Ethics Instructor at University of Michigan School of Information. Merve will give an introduction to her area of expertise and research: all things that deal with AI & ethics, plus how those topics and issues impact you.

The event will take on the style of the popular “ask me anything” format, which means that audience engagement will be a huge part of this event! You will have the opportunity to ask our speaker questions on things like:

- Views on how AI impacts social justice; is there any regulation in sight?
- Her professional career path
- Are there any AI redlines?
- Advice on your own projects and AI questions
- Whatever other topics interest you!

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Merve Hickok

Merve Hickok


Merve Hickok is the founder of AIethicist. She is an independent consultant & trainer focused on capacity building in ethical and responsible AI and governance of AI systems. Merve is a Data Ethics instructor at University of Michigan School of Information; senior researcher at Center for AI & Digital Policy; founding editorial board member of Springer Nature AI & Ethics journal; one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2021; Fellow at ForHumanity Center; a regional lead for Women in AI Ethics Collective; and a member in a number of IEEE & IEC work groups that set  global standards for autonomous systems. Previously Merve has worked as a VP of HR in a number of different roles with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Mo Chen

Mo Chen


Mo Chen joined RMDS as an Evaluation Consultant in Aug 2019. He has been involved in multiple projects at RMDS including COVID-19 projects, spatial data science courses development, etc. He is now the project lead of Impact Score Project, which aims at developing and improving the algorithms and user experience of the Impact Score System. Mo got his PhD in Environmental Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science from USC. He is in general interested in utilizing real-world data to solve real-world problems.