Covid-19 RMDS Project

My project uses population, case rate, death rate, and elderly population to determine the risk scores of neighborhoods in the Los Angeles County area. It also makes a projection for the total deaths and infections for Los Angeles County in the coming weeks, and using the risk scores found, can extrapolate if a given neighborhood will have an above average or below average death and case total in the coming weeks.

Type: Health Care
Release Date: Jun 09, 2020
Last Updated: Jun 09, 2020

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Daniel Kao     June 09

I apologize for not mentioning this in the README, but the source code in notebook or python format is labeled "RMDS Project" and "RMDS Project.ipynb" respectively. My final results are in the csv file labeled "final_covid_results.csv", and my technical report is the file named "RMDS Challange Write Up". Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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