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Goals of the project:

tickerWork with partners to centralize disparate data
tickersources related to project coronavirus
Work with partners to centralize disparate data sources related to project coronavirus
tickerDashboard to visualize global distribution of
tickerCOVID-19   View Dashboard
Dashboard to visualize global distribution of COVID-19
tickerAlert system powered by statistical models
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Our Collaborators and Partners:

Our Advisors:


Dr. Hui Su, Principal, Engineering and Science Directorate at JPL


Dr. Xinyue Ye, Associate Professor of Informatics at NJIT and Director of Urban Informatics & Spatial Computing Lab


Dr. Stanley H. Weiss, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Rutgers University


Dr. John Jiang, CEO of VESS

Our Team Members   Become a Volunteer

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Alex Liu


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Alex guides the directions of this project to ensure its success and high-quality control. At the same time, he connects team members to outside resources, like Wuhan University and Harvard Dataverse, and recruits data and AI consultants.

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Alicia Wei

Data Science Manager

Alicia coordinates with different teams, among them specialists in epidemiology, analytics and modeling, and engineers. The team builds visualizations and predictions that empower our communities to make better decisions when tackling COVID-19.

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Mo Chen

Evaluation Consultant

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Mo gave professional input in data collection, data processing, and model development. He contributes to model architecture, in particular epidemiological models. He is also preparing a workshop on this topic!

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Jidong Li

Data Scientist

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David implemented data pipeline, API integration and arcGIS visualization for both JHU CSSE data and Dingxiangyuan data. David designed and implemented the LSTM machine learning model and Stochastic SIR to analyze and predict future infections.

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Yula Guo

Project Manager

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Yula is the project manager and keeps track of the status of overall project goals as well as tasks for each team member. She encourages the team to embrace collaborative processess, accountability and a results-oriented mindset.

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Pengxiang Xu

Data Scientist

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Pengxiang collects the migration data and also helps with feature selection and model architecture to predict the number of 2019-nCoV cases infected. The results will be used to integrate an alert system for potential outbreak and constant monitoring.

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Siyu Mao

Evaluation Consultant

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Siyu works with spatial-temporal datasets to help the team with data search, data merging and data centralizing.


Suyeon Ryu


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Suyeon contributes to exploratory data analysis and visualization. At the same time, she is advising the modeling team on feature selection and improvements to the SIR epidemiological model.