About Our Company

The Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science is a non-profit organization that serves all such researchers and data scientists who are interested in next-generation computing tools for research methods and data science. The association aims to empower researchers, data scientists and analysts worldwide, with certification training and special RMDS Lab frameworks specially developed for a new era of big data and AI. It manages a network of over 30,000 data science professionals, with its LinkedIn group listed among the “Top 10” for data science professionals.

The RMDS Lab team manages the Global Research Methods and Data Science organization. RMDS lab is a pioneer in developing data science and AI ecosystems, and in offering extensive assistance for data science with its unique RM4Es framework, ResearchMap, and ecosystem approach.

Our Mission

GRMDS aims to serve the global community. We hope GRMDS inspires data scientists to collaborate with each other and for data scientists to participate fully in our global ecosystem.

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The GRMDS Forum

GRMDS and RMDS Lab have a LinkedIn forum for researchers, analysts, and practitioners to discuss on topics in research methodology, data science, research flow management, research process standardization, and research automation, as well as research competency assessment and certification. Especially, the members in the group help each other improve their research quality, predictive accuracy, and research efficiency. Click here to join the LinkedIn forum.

The GRMDS community is one of the top data science communities, as recommended by many as one of those data scientists must join. Click here for further information.