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Why Join RMDS Lab’s Network?

  • Network and collaborate with fellow experts
  • Allow employers to recruit you for specific projects
  • Recruit experts for projects
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Course Development Opportunities
  • Publishing Opportunities with Taylor & Francis Group

RMDS Lab holds sponsorships and partnerships with top agencies and institutions, such as NASA, the California Institute of Technology, and Harvard University. RMDS Lab members have many opportunities to interact with and learn from outstanding experts. Recent experts who attended our webinars include faculty members from Stanford University, Peking University, and Australian National University, among many others.


Experts We’ve Worked With



Dr. Bao Shuming

Director, China Data Lab

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Merve Hickok

AI Ethicist, Founder at

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Dr. Hui Su

Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
California Institute of Technology

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Company Overview

RMDS Lab is an ecosystem service provider that empowers data science professionals and businesses worldwide to achieve successful, data-driven results. Our community members have access to tools and resources that enhance their research and increase the success rate of their work. Our proprietary web platform uses AI-powered recommendations to connect members to online learning, datasets and workflows, and peers within a collaborative environment. RMDS Lab has been featured in multiple influential media outlets, such as AP and Forbes.

Current projects, such as our COVID-19 Risk Map, highlight RMDS Lab’s commitment to using data science for the betterment of society.


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