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RMDS Certification System


The Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) has a comprehensive data science certification system to evaluate and certify data scientists at various levels, per their learning, knowledge, skills, and practical experience. The Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science is a pioneer and one of the leading organizations certifying data scientists worldwide. RMDS certification system not only helps data scientists to understand their current data science competency level in the data science community, but it also elevates data scientists’ proficiency and employability with RMDS practical, contextual training courses developed by industry leaders and known experts.

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How to Apply

step 1 Choose

Step 1: Choosing the data scientist level to be certified
RMDS offers three levels of data scientist for candidates. You need to identify the appropriate level before you fill out the application form.

Certification Level Data Scientist Description
Level 1 - Junior A professional who is able to perform with assistance/supervision a wide range of appropriate skills as a contributing professional.
Level 2 - Senior A professional who is able to perform independently and take responsibility for delivery of solutions as lead professional.
Level 3 – Expert A professional who has significant breadth and depth of impact on the business through the application of their profession.
step 2 Complete

Step 2: Completing your RMDS Data Scientist Certification Application Form
Click here to start your RMDS Data Scientist Certification application. Make sure you login to the platform first to be able to save the draft. We also encourage candidates to submit their data science portfolio (e.g. source codes, report) that can substantiate their data science skills and knowledge.

step 3 Pay

Step 3: Paying the Application Fee
For community members, the application fee for data scientist certification is $200 including processing fee, cost for review, and cost for certification registration. After paying the application fee, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 working days. RMDS certification committee will conduct a review of your application and provide you with the results and useful advice for career development within 1-2 weeks. You can pay for the application here

RMDS Certification Benefits

tick Job opportunities especially open to RMDS data scientist certification holders
tick Evidence-based evaluation for your professional skills
tick Skillset enhancement and growth prospects
tick Salary raise and career advancement
tick Gaining a thorough understanding of how data and AI is used in your industry

Evaluation Process

RMDS will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of Data Scientist Certification candidates’s 31 competencies from the following five dimensions:

Data science fundamental knowledge such as statistics, mathematics, programming and research methodologies.

Data science skillsets and toolkits that cover database, algorithms, computing tools, workflows, platforms .

Data science competencies that focus on problem-solving with data science..

Data science competencies that focus on applications of data science in the real world.

Data science competencies that contribute to the development of the data science industry and experience mentoring data scientists.

Scoring System

The evaluation of each competency is based on a five-point Likert Scale.



Technical Skill Level


Management Level




Technical Skill Level

Know basic knowledge and have a basic command of skills

Management Level

No experience in conducting data science projects



Technical Skill Level

Able to apply knowledge and skills to certain problems

Management Level

Conducts projects with supervision or mentoring



Technical Skill Level

Able to utilize related skills and knowledge at will for diverse problems

Management Level

Takes end-to-end ownership of projects



Technical Skill Level

Able to utilize all the skills and knowledge at will for most data science problems.

Management Level

Leads cross functional team to conduct projects that create value and impact for the society

Certification Experts


Dr. Alex Liu

Dr. Alex Liu

As one of the world's top experts for big data analytics and machine learning as applied to study people and societies, Dr. Liu aims to modernize research methods with big data and AI. He was a former chief data scientist at IBM and received his PhD from Stanford University.

Dr. Hui Su

Dr. Hui Su
Principal Scientist, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Dr. Su is a principal scientist in the Earth Science Section of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Her research interest is primarily in climate dynamics and convective processes with machine learning. She is a member of NASA Aura and NEWS science teams and the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator for a number of NASA funded projects.

Dr. Sijun Wang

Dr. Sijun Wang
Professor, Loyola Marymount University

Sijun Wang is a professor of marketing at Loyola Marymount University and chair of the Department of Marketing and Business Law. Her expertise includes relationship marketing and service marketing via data science.

Hamit Hamutcu

Hamit Hamutcu
Co-Founder, Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards

Hamit has more than 20 years of industry and consulting experience in the areas of customer strategy and advanced analytics. His focus areas include data infrastructure, data-driven culture, data monetization and data science talent development