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RMDS LA brings together people from research methodology, data science, data professional services, AI and computing in the greater Los Angeles area. Having hosted over 50 Meetups, we continue to serve our local LA chapter with monthly events and workshops.



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Hands-on training with a flexible schedule that covers the latest trends in data science application across different industries. Sample topics include:

  • Application of Data Science in the healthcare industry
  • The Fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management
  • Application of Data Science in the Entertainment and Media Industry

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The webinar series gives the public access to keep up with rapid advancements in data science and AI from renowned content experts we partner with. Some of our popular topics are:

  • Data Science Ecosystem Approach and Innovative Methods
  • Introduction to the Data Resources on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus
  • Applications of AI in Media and Entertainment
  • Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization

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Every month, we welcome you to attend the RMDS Lab Seminar series in which we explore the most innovative developments and applications within data science and artificial intelligence. At these events, you can expect to hear from leaders across data science and AI, representing companies and organizations from IBM to Caltech. Beyond that, the RMDS Lab Seminars allow attendees to network with these experts and the RMDS Lab community. Sample topics include:

  • Power in numbers: Understanding Applications of Sports Analytics
  • Now you see me: Emerging innovations in Facia Recognition Technology
  • Under the Iceberg: The Hidden Features of Climate Change Shown Through Data
  • When Disneyland becomes Data land? How AI and data analytics influence amusement parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about future RMDS events?

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What’s the difference between a seminar, workshop and webinar?

Seminars: GRMDS strives to create a community that not only brings people together from research methodology, data science, data professional services, AI and computing, but those who are interested in creating their own path within these industries. Through our seminars, you will be able to network with those who share your passions. You’ll hear from top industry professionals who will give you an inside look into AI and the data science that deals with various topics, such as dating apps, sports analytics, facial recognition and much more.

Workshops: Our workshops give you the tools you need to enhance your techniques within any industry. We create courses for students and professionals in different industries to be fully prepared in the age of digital transformation. Once you are done with one of our workshops, you will have the education and certification you’ll need to make you stand out as a professional in your field and strengthen your resume.

Webinars: RMDS webinar is a live, virtual event that is executed online. It is an educational or instructive session that includes audio and visual communication between a speaker and attendees. Webinar software enables the sharing of slides and interactive participation through chat boxes and Q& A features. They provide the opportunity to learn and advance your knowledge, so you can grow your career and perform better in any industry.

Where are these events held and how do I find parking?

RMDS is a proud resident of Pasadena, so we work with various businesses and schools within the area to host our events. Within 24 hours of all events, we will send out detailed instructions on where to park and other information that will be specific to the location.

How much does the event cost and where should I purchase a ticket?

RMDS prides itself on giving back to our community. Our webinars and seminars are free, so we can continue to grow and enhance the data science community.

Our workshops are run by highly sought-after instructors who will give you the best education possible. Every workshop is tailored to educate each individual in obtaining techniques that are in high demand throughout various industries. Because of this, each workshop price varies.

To purchase a ticket for one of our workshops, please click the link below

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Why should I care about networking?

Networking gives you the opportunity to connect with various professionals within many well-known industries. At our events, many attendees make great contacts by connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media networks. This form of networking will make it possible to connect to your future dream job, internship or another great opportunity.

I have a question that is not provided

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