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What to Know About Pursuing a Career in Data Science & Machine Learning
What to Know About Pursuing a Career in Data Science & Machine Learning



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Data science plays an increasingly important role in many aspect of the modern society: industry, commerce, finance, security, science and scholarship, etc. RMDS provides a great forum for the professionals in this arena to connect and exchange ideas.



George Djorgovski

Professor and Director, Center for Data-Driven Discovery at Caltech


What we’re trying to do with this challenge is recruit a lot of different ideas on something that we haven’t really thought through as city governments.” “The city of Los Angeles has teamed up with a community of data-science professionals known as RMDS to try and change that. Together, they’ve launched a new challenge program for university teams, civic hackers, city data geeks and others.

Jeanne Holm

CDO from Los Angeles City: Speaking about crowdsourcing from the RMDS Ecosystem for the Computational Challenge

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RMDS is an ecosystem service provider that empowers data science professionals and businesses worldwide to achieve successful, data-driven results. Our community members have access to tools and resources that enhance their research and increase the success rate of their work.


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