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IM Data is a three-day, multi-track conference focusing on innovative methods in big data and artificial intelligence. Data scientists, analysts, researchers and professionals all converge to discuss, learn, network and participate in valuable training sessions. The first day of IM Data is focused on providing a valuable hands-on education experience through 90-min pre-conference training workshops on October 26th. All workshops focus on data science applications and hands-on practice of data science learnings.

Event Details




IM Data 2021: Innovative Methods with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Date: Tues - Thurs, October 26-28

Location: Hybrid Event: Virtual + Los Angeles, CA


  • Data Science and AI for Finance and Economy
  • Impactful Data Science and AI
  • Machine Learning Deep Learning and AI

Proposal Types: Talks, Talks with Demos. Approximately 45 minutes of talk, 10 minutes of Q&A. Alternatively, you can offer two hours of training.



About Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshop attendees are mainly data science professionals from different industries, including healthcare, technology, marketing, entertainment and more. Instructors are experienced academic researchers and practicing professionals in STEM-related fields.

Some examples of the past workshops include:

  • Transforming Unstructured Voice and Text Data into Insight Using Natural Language Processing
  • Introduction to Transactional Data Analysis Using Tableau Software
  • SEIR Model for Predicting in COVID-19


About RMDS

Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science is the leading community-centered data science research organization, creating a global platform which enables people to meet, learn, and collaborate with fellow data science professionals to solve problems. Founded in 2009 by IBM Chief Data Scientist Alex Liu, the company is headquartered in Pasadena, CA with partners worldwide and serves more than 40,000 members and affiliates globally.



We respect your privacy

You will have the option to opt-in or out regarding whether your professional details are visible in our expert portal showcase for RMDS Members to contact you regarding new projects and work. Once you submit your information into the expert portal you will then be sent to the submission process for either pre-conference training or presenter at IM Data depending on your preference.



Submission Process

To submit you will be taken to the GRMDS Expert Portal. Submitting through the expert portal also allows you the opportunity to be considered for other opportunities throughout the year. All Submissions will be reviewed by a joint team including RMDS Lab and Harvard Data Science Review. High quality papers may be selected for publication.



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