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Detection and analysis systems are ubiquitously used across all domains of life (education, work, leisure) to access resources and opportunities. This six-week program covers the fundamental concepts in AI ethics, how the recognition and analysis systems manifest bias, how they are used in different settings and what the consequences are. Throughout this program, learners will gain a strong understanding of these systems, and the consequences of what they develop, use and implement in their lives.

Time Time: Weekly; 1st session on June 1st 2021, 4PM PST

Location Format: Online through Zoom

Number of Session Number of Sessions: 6

Instruction Instruction per week: 1 hour

Program Description

The program is designed to start with fundamental concepts in AI ethics (bias, privacy, power, harms/risks) and human rights in the first week.

Week 2 & 3 move to specifics of how the recognition and analysis systems using face/objects, NLP, and affective computing manifest bias, and what the consequences are.

Weeks 4-6 discuss how data is collected & connected both online and offline, how the recognition and analysis systems are used in different settings, for which purposes, and what the consequences are.

Attendees will be provided with either short reports and/or videos for each class. They can read and watch ahead of the class or after the class (in other words materials can be used as either pre/post work).

The live session will allow for discussion of concepts and cases

Our Instructor


Merve Hickok


Merve Hickok is the founder of AIethicist. She is an independent consultant & trainer focused on capacity building in ethical and responsible AI and governance of AI systems. Merve is a Data Ethics instructor at University of Michigan School of Information; senior researcher at Center for AI & Digital Policy; founding editorial board member of Springer Nature AI & Ethics journal; one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2021; Fellow at ForHumanity Center; a regional lead for Women in AI Ethics Collective; and a member in a number of IEEE & IEC work groups that set  global standards for autonomous systems. Previously Merve has worked as a VP of HR in a number of different roles with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.




Course Structure
Deep Dive Course Structure
Deep Dive Course Structure