This hands-on practical training will cover everything about chatbots and question answering systems in depth. Learners will get to experience state of the art industry scale tools and packages such Rasa, TensorFlow, BERT and many more.

Schedule: Starting January 27 at 5-6:30 pm
Location: Online through Zoom

Learning Outcomes


Check Mark Gain a comprehensive understanding of Natural Language Processing

Check Mark Be able to develop your own different functional chatbots step by step

Check Mark Experience the state of the art industry scale tools and packages (e.g., Rasa, TensorFlow, BERT)


Our Instructors
anuj headshot

Anuj Saini

Solutions Architect at Sapient

Anuj is a Solutions Architect working with Sapient with 12 years of experience in the area of Data Science. Anuj has worked in various domains like Finance, Banking, Food Industry, and e-commerce industry. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications from YMCA.

His interest areas include building Intelligent Search Engines, Text Mining, and statistical and predictive models. At Sapient, he has been helping client to build Recommender Systems, Personalization, Pattern Recognition, Web Crawling, building competitive intelligence systems, and Fraud Detection.

Anuj has extensive experience in Machine Learning using Python and R for building Predictive models and data analysis. He has delivered many client projects using Machine Learning and statistical Based Modelling.




RMDS Training Program Design


Everything about Chatbots: A Hands On Journey


Course Structures
Week Topic
Session 1: First step in chatbot World - Introduction to chatbots: Why to learn chatbots, applications
- Introduction to NLP(Natural Language Processing)
- Building first chat bot using text similarity
Session 2: Most preferred Open Source Framework - Introduction to RASA
- Natural language understanding: Intents and Entities
- Developing a chatbot using RASA to search restaurants
Session 3: Question Answering FAW - Introduction to Question Answering
- Introduction to word vectors, word embeddings
- Developing an Intelligent Question Answering system using Machine Learning on FAQ
- Extending Question Answering system using BERT model on FAQ
- Integrate Question Answering System with RASA
Session 4: Unstructured Data - Introduction to Unstructured Data and Knowledge Extraction
- Developing an Intelligent Question Answering system using Deep Learning on unstructured Data
- Integrate Question Answering System with RASA
Session 5: Lets Connect All - Speech Recognition and adding speech to chatbot
- Integrating various systems using RASA with APIs
- RASA deployment on Slack