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Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition

RMDS makes it easy for you to recruit data scientists from our network of 40k+ professionals. Recruiters can save time spent on evaluating candidates by previewing profiles, accessing projects, and assessing impact scores.


Recruitment Services Benefits

Access net work of data scientists

Access network of data scientists and list your open positions

With over 40k data science professionals in our network, recruiters are able to scan, evaluate, and communicate with prospective candidates. Make your vacancies visible to our members and attract data science talent to your organization.

Utilize impact score

Utilize impact score and project feedback to evaluate candidates

Our impact score enables recruiters to effectively evaluate the work of data scientists in our network. Access to projects as well as feedback from data science experts can make your hiring process more efficient.

Recruitment Services Plans

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Talent Acquisition Service Plans
Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition

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