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Natural Disaster Relief + Prevention

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SUZETTE PIPARO   New York NY · 10021 



May 5, 2022





I have for some time now been interested in the Climate Change Project and the inter relation of natural disasters as a part of it. In an effort to reduce the casualties I am researching a number of possibilities for a prevention plan in addition to rescue programs. As there have been so many incidences from nuclear melt down at Fukushima to earthquake and tsunami occurrences I believe there is some chance of it. In reviewing data of weather patterns caused by an increase in humidity at the equatorial perimeter, removing some of the ground foliage and reducing temperatures along the coast with reductions atmospheric pressure could potentially lessen the severe conditions of hurricanes and flooding of areas near the coast line. Building an arc shaped structure might redirect waters before it reaches them thus protecting the inhabitants before these resulting disasters occur. With your wonderful work in so many parts of the world, I was hoping this could be of help in some manner.


As part of the Technical Advisor Position and livelihood resiliency I would like (you) to participate on the ERD Team, with Disaster Risk Reduction, environmental planning for agricultural food supply, empowering women and other as described.


I hope you will review this proposal and contact me if it interests you.

Are you a contestant for RMDS 2021 Data Science Competition? No, I am not a contestant
Release Date: May 05, 2022
Last Updated: May 05, 2022

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