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Narasiodata Partners
Time (PDT) Session
7:00 PM PDT  (remote)

Topic: Reshaping Indonesia's Healthcare with Data Analytics in Response to Covid-19

1. Implementation of data preparation and processing
2. Implementation of data used in handling Covid-19
3. How does PeduliLindungi application help break the chain of covid virus' spread in Indonesia

Speaker: Daniel Oscar Baskoro, Chief Operating Officer (DTO) of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

8:45 PM PDT  (remote)

Topic: Best Practices for Data Management and Governance

1. Implementation of data management and governance in the company
2. The benefit of data management in order to improve productivity
3. How to improve the governance of company data

Speaker: David Kurniawan, VP Data of top global investment bank, Former Merrill-Lynch

DataCon LA Partners
AI/ML/Data Science BI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases Data 4 Good
AI Ethics Demystifying the Art of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Women in Data
Sponsored - Making real-time analytics a reality for digital transformation Early cancer detection using higher-order genome architecture and chromatin interactions Sponsored - Finding true purpose after falling to addiction, and inspiration to transform a broken healthcare system
AutoDC + AutoML = your AI development superpower Embedding medical journeys with machine learning to improve member health at Aetna Human Capital Growth Analytics
Open Source Large Knowledge Graph Factory How bridging data with design influences today's data products Improving disaster response with machine learning
Perfect Viral Ad prediction of Super bowl 2022 using Tease, Test, Tweak and Target method How to Build a Data-Informed Corporate Culture Data-Driven Optimization of plant health and water use
The BreezeML approach to Affordable Machine Learning Real world consumer segmentation Tracking the Hidden Wealth of Russian Oligarchs
Transformers for NLP Real world consumer segmentation When is a housing bubble not a bubble? A look at problems and solutions to the housing crisis
Using Google trends data to build product recommendations Self-Service Success and Data Products Air Quality Analytic Center Framework (AQACF)
Data Engineering Data Infrastructure & Security Emerging Tech
Customer-Driven Data Engineering Building Field-level Lineage from Scratch for Modern Data Systems Block Chain for master data management
Sponsored - Finding true purpose after falling to addiction, and inspiration to transform a broken healthcare system Modern Data Architecture Collaborative Data Exploration using Conversational AI
Data Streaming with Kafka Customer Lifetime Value's review of a lifetime! CyberSecurity in Industrial IoT age
Building a serverless data processing pipeline with PySpark on cloud Unlock the full potential of Data Platforms through Automation Event Sourcing with Apache Pulsar and Apache Quarkus
Sponsored - What's new with MongoDB 6.0 and Atlas Sponsored - Understand and Discover Data in your Organization How is Web3 Changing Entertainment Industries
Key Open Source Databases Strategies that Shape Business in 2022 Moving ERP Data to AWS At Scale PaCMAP ensembles for occupational specializations in the California Cloud Workforce
Modernizing Analytics & AI for today's needs: Intuit TurboTax Case Study Open Source or Open Core in Your Data Layer? What Needs to Be Evaluated Before Diving In Practical Solutions to Complex Supply Chain Problems
MySQL, JSON & You: Perfect Together The Evolution of AI in Cybersecurity  
Supercharge your Snowflake Data Cloud from a Snowflake Datasuphero. Cost, Security, and Performance Optimization Best Practices and Tips Why Data Quality vigilance requires an End-to-End, Automated and Continuous Data Integrity Approach  
Note: The schedule can be updated up until the event. Download full schedule details from DataCon La's website.
IM Data
Time (PDT) Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
8:30 AM Welcome + Introduction Welcome + Introduction Welcome + Introduction
9:15 AM Tips for Lifelong Learning in Data Science Data 4 Good:  Quantifying data value/results How the Metaverse will transform our future
10:15 AM Neural search solutions for enterprises using modern data stack Restaurant Education via Data Analytics? Is that true? Safely onboarding the next billion users into NFTs
11:15 AM Data Analytics in Sports: Trends and Methods How to Build Data for Web3 Virtual Real Estate
12:15 PM Applying data in tax reduction Panel: How Celebrities are Using Web3 and Data Science to Connect with Fans (and make more money) Panel: Global Youth NFT Marketplace - Guiding Your Creative Genius
1:15 PM Training and calibration of uncertainty-aware machine learning models Embracing AI for Healthcare Transformation Panel: Using NFTs & Data Science to Make a Big Impact
2:15 PM What are the building blocks for a modern data platform in a multi-hybrid cloud future? Panel: Supply Chain Optimization with Web3 Technologies NFTs: The Salesforce of Web3? How NFTs will Disrupt Ticketing & the Music Industry
3:15 PM Revolutionizing Education with Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies Panel: Web3 Global Adoption Tokenization: What is the opportunity?
4:15 PM - Virtual Identity in Web3 - Decentralized Identity (remote) Moving to a "share-first" mindset: why and what that means (remote) Digital asset management with blockchain and NFTs (remote)
Note: The schedule can be updated up until the event, so check back often and opt-in to receive notifications. All times are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Subscribe to updates.
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Keynote Speakers

Dr. David Guralnick

President and CEO, Kaleidoscope Learning

Global Head of Digital Asset & Technology Design, State Street


Associate Professor of Information Systems, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sha Yang
Professor of Marketing,



All Speakers

President, Modak US


COO, Vylto


Chief Scientist, Satori

Bill Gilory

COO, Toolots

Dr. Cervantes Lee

Assistant Professor, UNLV Hospitality College


CEO, Atscake 


Strategic Growth Coordinator, Hulu


Chief Operating Officer (DTO) of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia


Staff Data Scientist, Circle


VP Data of top global investment bank, Former Merrill-Lynch

Godron Gould

Co-founder, New Atlantis


Founder, LUV NFT

Harrison Tang

CEO, Spokeo


Managing Partner, Sandbox Studios VC


CRO, Agency Enterprise Studio


Lead Cloud Big Data Architect and Data Scientist, Boeing


Co-Founder, Edge of NFT Podcast


CEO, Legacy


CEO, ChargeGoGo


Strategic Advisor, RMDS Lab


Data for Good Sector Lead, Launch Consulting


Investment Associate,
Blockchain Founder Fund


Assistant Professor, USC


President, MBD Financials




Chief Data Scientist


Assistant Professor, Business
Analytics, School of Business,
Woxsen University


Senior Architect, ValueLabs


Head of Data Science, LabDAO


SVP - Consulting, ValueLabs


CEO, Polymath


Head of Business Development, Huobi Global





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