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2022 Session Tracks

tick Innovative Methods with Data, AI and Blockchain​

tick NFT innovations

tick Digital transformation and success cases with data, AI and Blockchain

tick AI/ ML/ Data Science

tick Data Infrastructure & Security

tick Emerging Tech

tick Data 4 Good

tickBI/ Reporting/ Business Use Cases

tickMachine Learning with Human in the Loop: A Practical Application for Improving Customer Experience

*List of panels, sessions and more will be available soon. Check back for more details.

2022 Keynote Speakers

More speakers to come! Check frequently for updates.


Peter Loo

Peter Loo

Acting Chief Information
Officer, Los Angeles County

Soheil Katal

Soheli Katal

Chief Information Officer,
Los Angeles Unified School District

Dr. Alex Liu

Dr. Alex Liu

CEO of RMDS, Former
IBM Chief Data Scientist



Eva Pereira

Eva Pereira

Chief Data Officer,
City of Los Angeles




All Speakers

Chief Data Officer, Urgently

Dr. Cervantes Lee

Professor, Azusa Pacific University


Chief Data Scientist

Dr. David Guralnick

President and CEO, Kaleidoscope Learning



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