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In this project we use the python programming language. As you know, python is included in the category of high-level programming language. This means that the python programming language can be easily read and written by humans. In addition to the language that is easy to apply, the use of python is also considered to be extendible (can be developed). Python is applied in various forms ranging from web, desktop, to data analysis. In line with the ease and simplicity of the python language, several companies have implemented this language. One of them is Google. Currently, Google provides Python programming language facilities through Google Collaboratory or Google Interactive Notebook. Google Colab also provides three types of reliable processors for machine learning, namely: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). Google Colab can be used as a reference for data friends to improve skills and also learn python.

Language: Python
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Type: Information Technology
Release Date: Oct 11, 2021
Last Updated: Oct 11, 2021

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